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Private lessons are usually 1.5 hours long and are $75.

If you buy a pack of 10 you save 100 -  it is $650. You can also buy a voucher and use it not only for $75 for private lessons but for $50 for a Studio time in any class. This way two private lessons = three regular ones. 


For this one-on-one setting, our instructor creates a unique syllabus based on your interests, goals and artistic skills. Through reading, movies, homework and supportive critique, you achieve your goals as an artist. Price for the private program is approximately 1,500 for a year. Goals, schedule, and other details have to be discussed. 

If you would like to know how it worked for other students, there are references available. See a sample of the personal syllabus here.


We will make a special program for your special night to remember! It can be a simple PainNite event or something more fun  - painting one big painting together, playing one of surrealists visual games or something you and us will come up with.

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