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Painting Classes

Painting Classes at Art School 99

Painting classes at Art School 99 are designed to help students form creative expressions and give them an opportunity to create a unique work of art. Our experienced instructor specializes in different painting techniques, including watercolor, oil painting, and acrylic techniques, to ensure that our students receive the best instruction possible. In addition to learning fundamental principles and methods of painting, our classes also offer individualized guidance and feedback to help each student maximize their own artistic potential.  We also offer classes in a variety of mediums and styles, from traditional to contemporary, to ensure that each student's individual artistic preferences are taken into account. Whether you're looking to take your painting skills to the next level or just want an opportunity to relax and explore different techniques, Art School 99 has something for every budding artist. Our classes are designed with both beginners and experienced painters in mind, so all skill levels can benefit from our expertise. Sign up today and let us help you make your mark on the world!

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